Arrangement Plan Packages - FOR SAN DIEGO COUNTY

Plan 1. Simple Direct Cremation Call  
Local transfer of remains, refrigeration, crematory charges, minimum services of staff, alternative container, temporary cremated remains container.
Plan 7. Viewing with Rental Casket $ 2,160.00  
Local transfer of remains, minimum services of staff, embalming, dressing/casketing of remains, facilities for viewing and staff services, use of service vehicle, crematory fee, rental casket, alternative container, temporary cremated remains container. There is a $200.00 discount if paid by cash or check in full at need.

The above Package Plan prices are valid with a casket purchased from our facility. Any custom additions to a package will require payments in excess of the set package price. For transportation beyond local area, cremation, priority and/or witness cremation, charges will apply.

For full price disclosure you may obtain a copy of our General Price List from our office. These prices are effective July 1, 2009, but are subject to change without notice.
( Last updated on July 1, 2009 )
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